Port Llast

1200x675_8758_Gdansk_wardrobe_ship_2d_fantasy_ship_picture_image_digital_art.jpgPort Llast (formerly Grath’s Hold) stands on the High Road some thirty-five miles north of Neverwinter. It is a small town of 700 folk mainly known for its skilled stonecutters and excellent harbor – a small bay sheltered by a high, rocky spit, with a fine beach and inlet. The port is overlooked by cliffs on which boulder-hurling siege engines are placed. Port Llast is ruled by a First Captain, currently Haeromos Dothwintyl, and is closely allied to Neverwinter (largely for protection from Luskan, who desires a more southerly harbor for its warships).

The harbor is home to a twelve-boat fishing fleet, but two of the ships are in very poor repair. The inland portion of Port Llast’s prime mercantile enterprises are quarries on the coastal headlands just south of the village. Other than harborage or stonecutting, there is little else to recommend it to the traveler, though a new tavern has just opened and the owner is beginning to make a name for herself.

It is a tense, suspicious place, always expecting treachery or attack from Luskan.


Fifty men-at-arms from Neverwinter, also known as the City of Skilled Hands, bolstered by thirty of the Lords’ Alliance troops, aid the fifty-person local militia in guarding the town from brigand raids and the harassment of Luskan. These troops are mainly from Elturel and Baldur’s Gate, so that a Luskan attack risks war with two economically powerful cities. It is rumored that Luskan desires the magnificent harbor as a more southerly base for its warships.


Port Llast was once of great importance to humans. When orc tribes and hostile duergar held the lands where Luskan now stands, it was the “Last Port” (hence its name) allowing access to the mineral riches of the North. Back then, it was home to 14,000 miners and explorers eager to find gold, gems, and all the rest of the fabled mineral wealth of the North. Much of the city walls were battered down by orcs and have since been plundered for use in repairing local homes. The shattered remnants can still be seen circling around the town to the east, in lands now used as gardens and burial grounds or overgrown by scrub forest.

Port Llast

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