Co-owner of the Silver Songbird


Stout and stout-hearted, Rafe is the harsher half of the duo that owns the Silver Songbird. Often found wielding his cleaver, he does all of the cooking at the tavern. Though he spends most of his time in the kitchen, he always keeps an ear out for trouble in the front room. When not cooking, he is usually foraging for the next week’s meals.


Hailing from Luiren, Rafe is a Strongheart Halfling. While he may not be as jovial as his cousins, Rafe still enjoys the simple pleasures of life. Now that he no longer needs to worry about gold, he has devoted his existence to being the best cook on the Sword Coast.

Rafe and Maesa have a long history together, adventuring for many years. Rafe is older than Maesa and thinks of her as a little sister. He will do anything to prevent any harm from coming to her.


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