Maesa Chandrel

Co-owner of the Silver Songbird


Young but sure of herself, Maesa possesses rare beauty, even among elves. Her slender frame belies the fact that she is experienced in combat. She won’t hesitate to show unruly guests to the door of her tavern. Surprisingly, unless someone manages to offend her personally, Maesa will eventually let someone she kicked out back in to the tavern. Many a traveler has emptied their coin purse trying to win her heart (or at least, her attentions) to no avail.


Maesa is a half-elven bard who settled down in Port Llast after finding a vast fortune in a nearby dungeon. What led her to that dungeon or what happened to her other companions, she won’t say. The only other member of her party still around is Rafe, the other owner. Occasionally, she grows a little weary of his constant protectiveness, but she loves him like an older brother and understands why he is the way he is.

She is very friendly to anyone who is of good heart and will often entertain her guests with Elvish tunes she learned on her travels. She considers Port Llast her home and will defend it to the death.

Maesa Chandrel

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